Sleep Cold and Sleep Your Way to Skinny

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Sleep Cold and Sleep Your Way to Skinny

How To Sleep Cold And Burn More Calories. 

It’s staggering what we are willing to do to maintain or lose weight and stay in shape. Over 55 million people belong to health and fitness centers across the United States. These clubs generate a whopping $25 billion a year. 

This is just the beginning.

A 2016 article in Consumer Reports says while memberships in clubs are growing, two-thirds of us prefer to work out at home, spending billions more on treadmills and exercise equipment. In addition, it is estimated billions more are spent on dietary supplements and meal replacement plans in the effort to lose weight.

Why are we spending so much time, money, and effort on weight loss when the answer may simply lie in better sleep

Research indicates sleeping cold may be the way to skinny.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, the use of cold temperatures to improve body, mind and spirit, is not new. It has long been used as a way to decrease inflammation from illness or injury, increase cell rejuvenation, reduce muscle soreness and even to improve skin tone and reduce the effects of aging. 

While many examples of cryotherapy demonstrate the benefits of extremely cold temperatures on the body, research indicates there are benefits to “sleeping cold”, with temperatures that are moderately cooler.

When You Sleep Cold, You Burn More Calories

A study published in the journal “Diabetes” suggests that sleeping in cooler temperatures may help us attack belly fat while we sleep.

Belly fat is considered “white fat”, the type of fat we want to reduce. “Brown fat” is considered good fat and is found in much smaller amounts. Brown fat helps improve our metabolism and assists the body to lose weight.

Participants in the study maintained their normal daily habits over four months, but each evening returned to sleep in temperature controlled chambers. 

Researchers kept sleeping rooms at a neutral 75 degrees for the first month, and in the following month reduced temperatures to 66 degrees. For the third month temperatures were returned to the neutral 75 degrees before being increased to a warm 81 degrees for the final month. Following each month during the study, the amount of brown fat was measured.

The results were that the colder temperatures noticeably changed the participant's bodies. After the month of sleeping at the colder 66 degree temperatures, volumes of good or brown fat had almost doubled. They had indeed, lost belly fat from sleeping cold. 

It is important to note that sleeping cold is not sleeping at shivering temperatures, and shivering is not the way you lose weight while sleeping cold. Even at neutral temperatures you'll burn calories based on your weight. 

According to Livestrong, the following are some examples: 

  • A 200-pound person burns 86 calories per hour, or 688 for eight hours. 
  • If you weigh 160 pounds, you burn 69 calories per hour while sleeping, That would add up to 552 calories burned during eight hours of sleep.
  • If you are a 120-pound person, you'll burn 51 calories per hour while sleeping. 

Part of what the survey discovered is that sleeping cold increases REM sleep.

Part of what the survey discovered is that sleeping cold increases REM sleep. This can burn as much as 140 extra calories per night while sleeping. That can be significant because over the course of a year it can lead to losing as much as 14 pounds.

Sleeping Cold The Easy Way

But how can one sleep cold in the comfort of their own bedroom without cooling the entire house? 

The answer lies in an innovative product called the ChiliPad from Chili Technology

The ChiliPad is a mattress pad that cools the surface temperature of a mattress by circulating water through a network of micro tubes. 

ChiliPads are available in a variety of sizes and in single or dual zones. And temperatures can be controlled from 55 degrees to 110 degrees. Based on the latest research, top doctors recommend a sleeping temperature of 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit for the maximum health benefits. The longer you sleep on a ChiliPad, the healthier you’ll feel.

Raving Fans

The ChiliPad is getting rave reviews from verified buyers. “Awesome. It doesn't freeze you out of bed but it keeps you from sweating and tossing and turning.” says Anthony.

Another purchaser, Leslie says “No more hot flashes at night. Literally not one since I started sleeping on my chilli pad. Sleeping through the night is one of the best things I can do for my health. It's priceless”. 

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And these are just two review out of many other positive reviews from real-life users of the ChiliPad. 

In addition to the potential weight loss benefits, the ChiliPad has been demonstrated to also improve memory, reduce stress, and add physical strength and overall health and immunity. 

A Cooling Body Pad and Pillow are other cooling products available from Chili Technology.

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